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Terms & Conditions

1 All the documents furnished and personal information provided (in personal information should be correct and authentic.

2. The final interviews and selection shall be held at Mumbai/Delhi/Srinagar for which the candidate shall have to bare the expenses.

3. The candidate shall have to produce the testimonials in original along with passport etc.at Consultancy office Mumbai/Delhi/Srinagar at the time of selection.

4. The candidate shall have to deposit half of the agreed amount at the time of passing the medical examination and shall have remit the balance half payment at the time of Visa confirmation.

5. The amount partly full paid by a candidate shall stand forfeited if after selection or after passing the medical test or after visa confirmation, he or she refuses or shall not be in a position to leave abroad due to his/her personal reasons.

6. The candidate after passing the medical examination test shall have the discretion either to remain stationed at Mumbai/Delhi or to go back home till Visa confirmation at his/her own expenses.

7. If the candidate refuses to join the company after selection or Visa stamping, his/her part payment shall stand forfeited and he/she shall be bound to pay the balance amount to the company.

8. The candidate after selection and departure from Mumbai/Delhi shall be on probation for an initial period of 6 months during which the candidate shall have to perform the job to be assigned to him/her by the company abroad and shall have to prove his/her talent and worth besides the accommodation by the company to the selected candidate shall be purely subject to availability thereof.

9. That after the arrival of the candidate in the employment country M/s Adeeb International shall not be responsible for any risk except the job/post applied for, salary agreed to, and genuiness of Company, Rest the candidate, shall have to prove his/her talent and shall have to work to the best of the satisfaction of the employer/ company abroad. If the candidate couldn’t do his or her work up to the mark and if the company terminates his job, M/s Adeeb International will not responsible for it.

10. Any act of the candidate resulting in the dispensation of his employment at the hands of his employer/company aboard, M/s Adeeb International shall have no responsibility nor shall the candidate have any claim against the M/s Adeeb International for kind of reimbursement or damages.

11. Incase of any inconvenience in aboard, the selected candidate shall approach M/s Adeeb International on phone or through post depicting the grievance or the cause thereof, which shall not be sorted out by Adeeb International with the employer/company abroad .The candidate shall not terminate the service contract unilaterally with out adhering to the course of intervention by M/s Adeeb International. In case of unilateral termination of candidate shall have no claim against the Adeeb International or any other Mumbai/Delhi based Company for damaged or reimbursement of any kind.

Declaration by the applicant.

I_______________________S/O__________________________R/O ___________________________________Passport No: _______________having read the above terms and conditions and having understood the same, do hereby agree to abide by the said terms & conditions. If I refuse to leave abroad or join the Company abroad or I shall not be in a position due to my personal reason, my agreed payment shall stand forfeited and shall be bound to pay the balance money to the Company.

Signature of candidate & thumb impression
Passport No.______________________